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Writing about sustainable design: architecture, interiors, engineering, landscape architecture, construction and urban planning to transform the built environment.

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Green Project Delivery: Working LEED Smart

Construction of a new or renovated green building makes it possible to amplify and strengthen a place and its purpose – through innovation, spirited design, and sustainable features that fully optimize building operations and conserve resources.

Likewise, sustainable design and construction may involve timeframes and project objectives that call for moving away from traditional project delivery methods. Project delivery here is not something new or mysterious, just adapted to successfully bring a building to market faster or incorporate specialized, sometimes complex design details. From charrette to project completion, the builder brings special skill sets and expertise to the team to help achieve any level of LEED certification.

[written for JE Dunn Construction]


The Day There are No More Green Buildings

What if we no longer needed “green buildings”?

Let me re-phrase that. What if every building constructed or renovated in North America were designed to maximize energy efficiency, to optimize its use of recycled content and sustainably-produced raw materials, to conserve water, to protect human health and increase the productivity of its occupants – and ultimately cost less to maintain and operate, and last longer? In other words, we no longer needed to refer to the built environment as green – or not.

[written for JE Dunn Construction]