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Writing about sustainable design: architecture, interiors, engineering, landscape architecture, construction and urban planning to transform the built environment.

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BenchMark Magazine

In the Heart of America: Smart Grid Demonstration

For most Americans, the Smart Grid remains an abstract and overly complicated concept — the stuff of Popular Science to debut in some distant, high-tech future. But for many residents of the Ivanhoe and Manheim Park neighborhoods in Kansas City, Mo., the Smart Grid made real means saving energy and money — and participating in a unique initiative to modernize the nation's power grid.

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BenchMark Magazine

Please Pass Go: Keeping Chicago on the Move with Open Road Tolling

Shorter commutes. Fewer traffic delays due to bottlenecks. Less air pollution. And a reduced chance of accidents.

In need of sound, long-term solutions, the Illinois Tollway launched a 10-year congestion relief program, Open Roads for a Faster Future.

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BenchMark Magazine

Power Plant Decommissioning: A Noble Past, Many Possible Futures

Changes to the U.S. Power Generation Fleet Are Being Driven by Environmental, Economic and Market Factors

BenchMark Magazine

SPIDERS: Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security

A new U.S. energy initiative aims to create a resilient, more reliable microgrid designed to protect against extended power outages caused by natural disasters, accidents or attacks — and, ultimately,...