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Lam novus sm article
Landscape Architecture Magazine

Welcome Back, Nature

The campus of Novus International Inc. begins, really - as a place, a statement, a regenerative landscape - two miles away, inspired by the bluffs that overlook the Missouri River.

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Live. Love. Lux

Utilize Natural Light for A Happier, Healthier Home

Natural light makes spaces more vibrant and boosts energy levels and mood.
Remember that feeling of sunlight on the first day of spring? Bright, warm, unexpected — it seemed to change your surrounding...

Live. Love. Lux

Eco-Friendly Paints: The New Alternatives for Brighter, Healthier ...

That smell of a freshly-painted room? It’s caused by VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released into the air as the paint dries – and it may not be good for you.

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Interiors & Sources

Rebuilding for the Future

This is the story of how a resilient community and some fast-moving designers transformed a former big-box store into a 21st century learning space for students.

Life%20as%20a%20tree article

Life as a Tree

Ten years later, the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College continues to evolve.

Glumac cover web size article
Ecotone Publishing

The Ecological Engineer: Glumac

Chapter Seven: Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse: "At the Heart of Justice"

Inside and out, the streamlined design of the federal courthouse speaks to honor, tradition, safety and as a place for people – all within a setting that looks to the future.

Pages%20from%20tt 05 final 1 article
Trim Tab Magazine

Twelve|West: New Beginnings for an Old Neighborhood

Elegant, functional and sustainable, this new green high-rise is a catalyst for change in Portland’s West End.

Open uri20121224 3879 1vnz0mk article

A World of Firsts

At PNC Firstside Center, the first LEED-certified building for PNC Bank and Astorino, green isn’t just the color of money.

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Architect Magazine

2011 Architecture Firm Award: BNIM

The Kansas City firm does not just advocate for building green, but has come to drive the sustainable-design movement—leading by example, always.

Mithun integrateddesign rgbweb article
Ecotone Publishing

Integrated Design: Mithun

Design Principle 3: "Use Nature As A Guide"

For Mithun, using nature as a guide is a premise central to the firm’s growing body of work in building, interior and landscape design and master planning. In the northwest, Mithun’s design signature has long been nature – true to form, raw, respectful, responding to time and location. it becomes the shape of buildings to reflect the geology of a site. Or solar meadows as a clearing in the forest to optimize the performance of PV arrays. Or a street design that mimics the natural drainage of a pristine landscape.

Open uri20121224 12419 1sdixtn article

Bridge of Possibilities

Through its design and modified operations and maintenance practices, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center & Park achieved LEED certification twice.

Ahu slide article
EDC Magazine

Toward a Greener Shade of Data Center

Relying on a broad set of sustainable MEP solutions, a West Coast data center looks to exemplify “the new norm.”

Ecological%20engineer keen article
Ecotone Publishing

The Ecological Engineer: KEEN

Chapter Nine: York University Computer Science Building: The Future Has Arrived

Autonomous robotics, computer vision, theoretical models of computation, artificial intelligence, human and computer interaction–all are part of the future of computing. And the future has already arrived at Canada’s York University.

Pages%20from%20hntbnews sept05 final article

Life in the Fast Lane

From now through the end of 2007, HNTB is helping to make one of the world’s widest highways — the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago — better, safer and state-of-the-art.

Open uri20121224 3879 3qtbdv article

Beyond the Building

Large-scale lessons from the Lloyd Crossing Sustainable urban Design Plan and Catalyst Project.